Graphic Design & Website Design

Type Twenty Five is a Hampshire graphic design, web design and logo design studio, providing cost-effective design services to start-ups, small to medium enterprises (SMEs) and established brands — across print, web, packaging and brand identity. We work with you to understand your business and create graphic design which speaks to your customers.

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What Type Twenty Five can do for you…

Brand identity

What you wear says a lot about you. A brand is no different – it is the clothing your business wears to send out messages to your customers. Type Twenty Five create coherent logos and brand identities to reflect the values, personality and position of your company, so you stand out in a crowd.

Graphic design for print

Communicating ideas and messages through a combination of words and images is the essence of graphic design. Our philosophy is to consider the whole, but focus on the detail. Type Twenty Five apply this thinking across all our work to produce appropriate design solutions.

Graphic design for web

Your website is usually a customer’s first encounter with your brand. The user experience should be consistent across all digital devices. We design responsive websites that work seamlessly on desktops, tablets and smart phones. 

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I am really pleased with the logo Type Twenty Five created for my company. They are very professional, a pleasure to work with and most importantly they listen to understand the problem and respond quickly to ensure the finished design is exactly right.


Selected Work


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