About us

Type Twenty Five is a graphic design and web design studio in Hampshire, dedicated to providing creative and engaging work to a high standard for clients who seek to have their expectations met and surpassed without the expense of larger agencies. Our personal, professional service makes the design process enjoyable for our clients.

As a start-up business in the highly competitive recruitment field, we needed to establish a brand very quickly. Dean consulted with us and challenged us to really understand what we do, and how to get our message out to market. The final artwork exceeded our expectations; his guidance and encouragement helped us to think and behave like a large, ambitious business.”



Hello. I’m Dean Howard – Graphic Designer and owner of Type Twenty Five. I work from my studio in Southsea, Hampshire. I have 15+ years graphic design experience working in design agencies at senior level. I have worked with a diverse range of clients including Save the Children, Huhtamaki, Greenpeace, local authorities, SMEs, schools, colleges and architects.

My portfolio includes logo design, brand identity, reports, prospectuses, stationery and brochures for clients of all sizes within the public and private sectors. Apart from being a Graphic Designer, I play drums, enjoy craft ales and going camping in the trusty, but rusty campervan. Which model? — A VW Type 25 of course!


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