I’m Dean Howard — a branding, logo and graphic designer, based in Hampshire, with over twenty years of experience helping marketers and businesses connect the dots between marketing strategy and creativity.


Do you answer ‘Yes’ to any of these?

You are a busy marketer and you've tried your hand at design (I'm guessing Canva, right?), but ended up frustrated, wasting hours for results that are wide of the mark.

You are an ambitious startup or micro-business who has eyes on competing-with and standing-out from the established business crowd, but struggling to find your visual identity.

You are an established business and your current branding is looking tired and inconsistent, (dare I say embarrassing?) — and it’s now holding you back from getting new customers.

… then you need a design-partner.

What is a design-partner?

A design-partner is more than just a another service provider — who quotes on projects, negotiates fees and is seen as another company expense.

A design-partner is about having direct-access to a designer who is strategically aligned with your marketing goals and provides creative guidance to help you drive design projects forward.

Working with me as your design-partner allows you to regain control of your time, so you can keep pin-point-focus on your business.

My philosophy is to consider the whole, but focus on the detail. I apply this thinking across all of my work to produce appropriate design solutions.


Design support for marketers


Branding for startups


Branding clarity for established businesses

We're a good fit if you’re ...

A marketer who understands that design is a tool used to solve a problem. You can provide a comprehensive brief which explains what the problem is and the desired outcome from solving the problem.

A startup or early-stage business who wants to find your visual identity so you can position yourself within your sector. You're a Founder who know that delegating the 'doing' to experts is fundamental to early-stage growth.

An established business who has evolved, but your logo and marketing assets are looking outdated. You understand the value good design adds to your business.

We're not a good fit if ...

You want the cheapest, fastest design. Good, effective design takes time, strategy and an appropriate budget.

You want a free pitch. Pitching might win you over as a client, but it rarely solves the real problem and— and like you — I can't work for free.

You‘re just looking for someone as a conduit between your 'ideas' and the computer. This isn’t fulfilling for me and it won’t add any value to your business.


Dean applies his creative expertise at the highest level ensuring our design needs are not only met, but exceeded.


Graphic design services to help marketers, startups and established businesses


Logo Design

Brand Guidelines

Branding Audits

Event Branding

Icon Design

Branded Apparel

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Vehicle Livery

Design for Print

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Exhibition Stands

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Lead Magnet Design

Why are you called Type Twenty Five?

I needed a name which summed up great design, reliability and someone who is with you for the journey.

And what better symbol to represent these attributes, than my old trusty (but rusty) VW Type 25 Campervan.


Ready to join the dots?

If you're a marketer needing design support, a startup looking to shape the direction of your branding or an established business missing some branding clarity — I can help you.

Book your call by clicking on the calendar.

Selected work


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